Product Information

Our wraps are reversible! They are made of 100% faux silk Polyester. One side is matt with a raw-silk slub effect, the other has a soft, shiny satin. Some wraps have a contrasting shade of a matching colour on the opposite side, making your knot stand out beautifully! Click through the photos in each colour sub-section to view the front and back of the fabric.

*Please note there may be a slight variation in the exact colours of the wraps due to the batch of fabric used to make them. We have tried to photograph them to show them as accurately as possible.

Our Furoshiki wraps come in three different sizes. When choosing the size you’d like, remember you’ll need plenty of material left over to tie a knot with – the gift should be approximately 1/3rd the width of the wrap across the diagonal length .

Our wraps are handmade in the UK, there may be slight variation in wrap sizes as we try to avoid wasting any material when cutting the fabric! The sizes shown below are the minimum size the wrap will be.

Small 45cm x 45cm – perfect for small gifts, A5 notebooks, small box of chocolates

Medium 70cm x 70cm – Perfect for A4 sized books, medium shoe-box sized gifts, bottles of wine

Large 1m x 1m – Perfect for two-bottle wraps, larger gifts

All purchases come with a wrapping instruction leaflet. There are pictures and video demonstrations under the “Instruction” section of this website. Lke every new skill, wrapping with Furoshiki takes a little bit of practice until you get the hang of it! If you are really struggling, do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help!