Furoshiki Giftwrap’s first workshop!

On Thursday 1st November I hosted my first workshop at the fabulous Leaf and Bean Cafe in Edinburgh! It was a really fun evening in which I taught 11 different gift wrapping techniques for varying sizes and shapes of bottles and boxes. The fizz flowed and I was absolutely amazed by the skill of the people who I was teaching, they definitely managed the techniques with no problem at all!

I started the workshop by asking everyone if they had ever heard of Furoshiki prior to seeing the event organised. Not one person out of the 14 in attendance had ever heard of it before. I shouldn’t be surprised by this fact… This time last year I hadn’t heard of Furoshiki either!

I believe that my way forward is by increasing awareness of Furoshiki in face to face sessions like workshops or fayre’s. British people love giving gifts, but the majority of the population do it with only paper wrapping or gift bags (me included up until 2018!) Without furoshiki becoming more recognised and for people to know it’s a simple and achievable method of gift wrapping, it’s unlikely to fly off the shelves!

With that in mind, I look forward to my next few workshops! I will be coming to Haddington (East Lothian) in mid November (a sell-out workshop!) and will be coming back to Leaf and Bean for a Christmassy themed workshop at the beginning of December.